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We have achieved water! My husband set up some mini sprayers in my vegetable garden today. So, I hopefully won’t have to water every night. The plants are growing slowly but surely. Unfortunately, only one bean has sprouted. I’m going to give them a few more days.

Garden Sprinklers

We also got a couple of rain showers this week. Maybe we will get a monsoon season this year!


After living here for almost 17 years, I finally got my garden! A couple of years ago, we noticed that the root of cherry tree on the lower level on our terrace was pushing the terrace over. My husband cut out the root, hoping there was another that would take over the watering and feeding of the tree. The tree died. We looked at it’s empty spot for over a year before we decided what to do with its spot.


My husband removed the bark, leveled the area, and built 2 boxes. We filled them with top soil. He also built the trellising structure, Which can be tipped forward so I can reach plants behind it. My plan is to plant shade loving vegetables underneath once the climbing plants cover it.

Left Side of the Garden

The left side of my garden has 4 tomato plants (3 regular and one cherry) in front. Behind the trellis, there are 2 yellow straight neck squash and 2 patty pan squash. As they get bigger, I will push them to the top of the trellis so they can climb it.

Right Side of the Garden

On the right side of my garden are 5 peppers-2 red bell peppers, 2 mini peppers, and 1 jalapeno pepper. I planted some pole bean seeds at the base of the trellis, but they haven’t sprouted yet.

I can’t wait to have even more vegetables to cook with!