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It is Balloon Fiesta week in Albuquerque. This is my favorite time of year here-I love watching the balloons. (Though, I hate the traffic.) We had our niece and her husband over for the weekend, which always means lots of good eating. We had a barbeque on Saturday night. None of the recipes are original, but they were really good. So, I’m going to post a couple of links to great recipes.

Polynesian Coleslaw

This Polynesian Coleslaw recipe from was absolutely fantastic! I wish I had a better picture to really do it justice. The only adjustment I made was to use carrots instead of bell pepper. I served it will shish kebobs made with marinated beef (great recipe from allrecipes), tomatoes from my garden, bell peppers from the garden and our box, and squash from our box.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

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