We finally got to go camping last weekend! Just to show you how dry it has been here, this is a picture taken near our campsite at Heron Lake State Park. I am standing on what normally is the edge of the water to take this picture.

Heron Lake

I was planning to make fajita foil dinners with marinated chicken and vegetables on Friday night. Went to my kitchen box and there was NO FOIL! (I was positive I had put foil in the box…..) So, instead, we made a southwest style stew in the Dutch oven.

Souhtwest Style Chicken Stew

Because I mixed the salsa into the stew, I lost the flavor of the lime marinade I used for the chicken. I’ll have to try this again (with foil) before I post the marinade recipe. The stew ended up pretty good, though! Those are home made pinwheel rolls, also baked in the Dutch oven.

No recipe today, just a reminder that necessity is the mother of invention!

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