Feast and Famine in My Garden

We have been getting LOTS of rain. In fact, we got almost half of our average yearly rainfall last weekend! Our yard is looking pretty good. My garden has its good and bad points.

The Good Garden

First, the good. My tomato and squash plants are huge! We have a fair number of small green tomatoes, and have eaten a couple of red ones. (Unfortunately, the fruit ripened when they were tiny, but they tasted good.) I don’t see any squash yet, but there are lots of flowers. It won’t freeze here for a couple more months, so I am hopeful.

The Bad Garden

I should have known better than to put the two largest growing plants (tomatoes and squash) in the same bed. My beans didn’t come up at all, and the pepper plants are so small. I got the peppers in really late, and I think the plants are confused. They started flowering and trying to set fruit before the plants were ready. We’ll see how they do with all the rain.

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