What to do with Pickling Cucumbers

Cucumber and Napa Cabbage with Dill DressingWe got 5 little pickling cucumber in our box this week. They weren’t enough to turn into pickles. (That is too much work, plus I had no time.) I started looking for a recipe for some kind of quick pickle, and came upon this recipe from The Shiksa in the Kitchen for Crunchy Pickled Salad. I had never heard of the cucumbers she used, but decided my pickling cucumbers would work fine. I also used about half of the Napa cabbage from our box. I decided to try a different dressing, and found one on allrecipes.com for a Lemon Dill Salad Dressing. As I was dressing the salad, I realized that I had gotten pretty far away from pickles, but the salad was good, anyway. (Since I didn’t make any adjustments to the originals, I am not going to post my actual recipes. Feel free to follow the links to the original authors!)

Happy eating!


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