My Lunch Salad

lunch saladAs promised, I wanted to share my usual lunch salad. There is a certain amount of variation, based on what we have in the refrigerator.

The base of my salad is always lettuce. My favorite is spring mix, but my husband prefers Romaine; so that is usually what we have. If we have baby spinach around, that works well, too.

We got some beautiful tomatoes in our box this week, including one orange one that was just the right size for my lunch. If we don’t get tomatoes in our box, I usually get grape tomatoes. (It’s the lazy in me; no cutting!)

I almost always put some kind of protein in my lunch salad. If we have leftover grilled chicken, that is my favorite. However, I usually use canned black beans (rinsed well). They have lots of fiber to keep me full until dinner.

Other things I like to throw in my salad include dried cranberries, feta cheese, or other leftover vegetables. I top it off with low calorie dressing; my favorites are raspberry vinaigrette or Southwestern ranch.

What do you eat for lunch?

Happy eating!



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