Box Wrap Up

bread saladI enjoyed cooking from this box for two reasons. First, we had not gotten a box for a long time, and it was fun figuring out new recipes. Second, it is summer! No tomatoes yet, but we did get cucumber, cantaloupe, corn, and summer squash.

I cooked with almost everything in this box. We ate the peaches as snacks and the lettuce in salads, but everything else went into a dish. I used onion and cucumber in this Grilled Tomato, Onion, and Bread Salad from I used the last onion in this Quinoa and Black Beans side dish.

Here are the recipes I shared:

I’m looking forward to our next box. Summer is in full swing now. We were told to expect tomatoes this week. We are also getting eggplant. Not normally our favorite, but I found an eggplant chip recipe I want to try. Please send me suggestions for tomatoes and eggplant; I’ll need lots!

Happy eating!


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