No Clean Up Eggs

Back in our Scout camping days, my husband and I learned to make “Omelets in a Bag.” Instead of dirtying a bowl and a skillet, we boil the eggs and other fixings in a zipper bag. If you are careful not to get any food on the outside of the bag, you can use the hot water to wash dishes, too.

It is VERY important to use a freezer bag; a regular storage bag won’t take the heat. We had green chile, pork sausage (cooked ahead at home), and cheese for our omelets. Our niece and her husband also put some avocado in their bags. I usually crack the eggs into the bag, seal it, and squish them up well before adding anything else. Here’s my omelet before cooking:

Baggie Omelet, Ready for Cooking

Notice that I wrote my name on the bag. Makes it easier to tell them apart in the boiling water. After the omelet is mixed up, we zip up the bags, being very careful to get all the air out of the bag. Then, we drop the bags into a pot of boiling water to cook. Because the eggs will cook from the outside, in, I periodically pull the bags out of the water and squeeze the eggs with a tongs to release uncooked egg mixture. Once the eggs are cooked, they just slide right out of the bag and onto a tortilla for a breakfast burrito!

Breakfast Burrito

So, yummy! These are a great way to start the day when out camping.

Happy eating!


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