First Fall Box is a Wrap

harvest box 9/24/11Another box is history. For some reason, I found this box to be a bit of a challenge. I tried what I thought would be a good cauliflower side dish, but it flopped.  I did make two different dishes with eggplant: Glazed Chicken Shish Kebobs and Eggplant Curry. The other main dish I posted was a Kale and Mushroom Ragout. Finally, I shared my new favorite snack recipe-Green Chile Hummus.

We ate most of the fruit in a fruit salad, the rest for snacks. The lettuce, as usual, was used in green salads.

I’m ordering some extra vegetables this week. I can’t wait to cook with them. I also got some green chile, baby jalapeno peppers, and thai peppers from our niece, so those may end up in my recipes the next few weeks.

Happy eating!


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